Current Projects

Torrefied Biomass Briquette (TBB) Plant (Phase 1 - Line 1)

We are developing a Torrefied Biomass Briquette (TBB) plant at Natchitoches Louisiana. The Natchitoches facility will process forest residuals, cull, thinnings, slash, tree tops, woodchips, lumber mill residuals and branches. Construction will proceed in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 will produce 240,000 tonnes/yr of TBB.
  • Phase 2 will add 320,000 tonnes/yr of TBB.
  • Phase 3 will add 480,000 tonnes/yr of TBB.

Phase 1 of the plant design features 3 identical production lines with a nominal capacity of 80,000 tonnes/year each, with services to be added to enable the company to quickly initiate Phase 2 and 3 as market conditions dictate.

TBB produced at the Natchitoches plant will save 95% of the CO2 emissions associated with the use of coal for the purpose of generating electrical power.

Biomass Secure Power ProjectsWhen full production volume for the plant is achieved, BSPI will be the world's largest producer of TBB and a leading producer of biomass fuels. Implementation of this project enables BSPI to react quickly to a growing market with a large resource of fiber available for harvest and a fast local growth rate. The modular plant design can be rapidly deployed to take advantage of the expected market growth. BSPI plans to implement flexible operations and plant design to ensure that different grades of products may be manufactured on demand.

There is sufficient fibre in the Natchitoches area to add a second facility in the Red River Mississippi catchment area. We have identified resources which are sufficient for construction of three facilities in the North Louisiana / Mississippi area that could operate at a combined production rate of >4 million tonnes/yr.