Biomass Secure Power Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to the supply and production of high quality, environmentally sustainable biomass pellets for general use as a substitute for fossil fuels.

We are dedicated to the implementation of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies as a means of controlling production costs and to insure sustainability of the resources used to manufacture the pellets.

Chain of custody standards
to meet or exceed FSC, SFI,
and PEFC requirements.

EN14961-2, ENplus A1, A2
and ENB Grade as standard.
EN14961-1,ANSI, JIS, DIN, IWPB I#GRADE available on request.

Long term supply agreements
from sustainable local sources
guarantees uninterrupted
availability of wood pellets.

Plant storage for vessel
batches and 2000t/hr
load rate ensure fast
carrier turnarounds.